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Sick of blocked ears, reduced hearing, or bad balance Microsuction treatment could be your solution...

Ear Wax Build-up – How Much is Too Much?


Ear wax is naturally produced by our bodies to keep them clean and germ-free, but sometimes, too much can build up and start to cause problems.


If you have blocked ears, experience discomfort, feel like you can’t hear well, or suffer from balance issues, you may have too much wax buildup in your ears.


While it can be annoying, inconvenient, and unpleasant, there is a simple solution to too much ear wax. A gentle microsuction ear wax removal treatment removes excess wax, getting your ears back to normal!












How Do I Know if I Have Too Much Ear Wax?


Sometimes our bodies produce too much wax or something prevents the wax from leaving the ear. Over time, the wax can harden, making it more difficult to remove.


 A buildup of ear wax may present in different ways to different people: 


  • You may find it harder to hear than usual, as the sound can’t freely travel along your ear canal to your eardrum. If you use a hearing aid, it may be less effective than you are used to.


  • You might have the sensation that your ears are blocked. This can often lead to balance problems or feeling disorientated or dizzy, as our inner ears are affected.


  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) is also a common symptom, and ear infections can occur due to the blockage. 


  • Excessive ear wax blockages can cause anything from mild discomfort to painful earaches. 


The Treatment: Ear Wax Removal! 


If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above, you should consult an expert to rule out other problems.


Our team at All Ear Clinic can quickly and easily tell if your problem is a result of too much ear wax.


We can then provide you with a painless, effective, and simple ear wax removal treatment to get you hearing and feeling great again.


Microsuction for Blocked Ears


What is Ear Microsuction?


Ear microsuction is a specialist-approved method

of ear wax removal that removes excess ear wax.

This method safely and effectively cleans your ears. 


Using a surgical microscope, we can get a magnified

view of your ear canal to identify the problem.


We then use a tiny vacuum cleaner and/or very small

instruments to remove excess wax. 


At All Ear Clinic, we use and recommend

Vorotek equipment for microsuction.


Does Microsuction Hurt?


It’s natural to be nervous if someone is poking around in your ear, but the Ear Nurse Therapists at All Ear Clinic are very gentle and will make sure you are comfortable for the entire procedure.


You will be able to feel some sensations as the instruments are used, but it’s not painful. The worst you may experience is a ticklish feeling, an odd sensation, or a bit of noise as the wax is cleared.


Usually, the entire appointment is over in less than 15 minutes - you will walk out with restored hearing, a clear head, and no more discomfort!


The Benefits of Ear Wax Removal


While it may sound a bit daunting, microsuction is the safest technique for clearing ear wax from your ear canal. 


Microsuction is far safer than syringing, as the microscope offers a highly magnified vision to the nurses. They can carefully remove any wax or debris without touching the ear canal walls. 


Why You Should Get Microsuction

Blocked ears are no fun. Your hearing is affected, you might feel dizzy and disoriented or experience pain and discomfort. Untreated, ear wax build-up can lead to further complications like infections.


Microsuction is a safe, effective, and easy way to solve your blocked ears, so you can get back to normal as soon as possible. 

Contact us about booking an ear wax removal appointment now.

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Using high quality microscope with highly trained staff, we are able to offer your timely earwax microsuction services.

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Services provided include; pre-assessment and fast tracking referrals, removal of foreign bodies, recurrent nose bleeds, ENT second opinions, tympanometry as well as children ENT preassessments for consideration for surgery. We also offer treatment for ear infection, including scripts and ear wick.

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