Welcome to All Ear Clinic

We are offering our service for fully vaccinated clients and children below 12 years. We advise all patients with flu like symptoms including fever, to postpone their appointments until they are well.  Everyone must wear a mask or one will be provided during your appointment. We routinely do Covid swabbing as a precaution and protection of staff. We may have the right to refuse the service if you are symptomatic or unvaccinated and not happy to have a swab. Please click here to see our Level 3 and Level 4 Lockdown policy

"If eyes are the windows to the soul, the ears are the windows to the heart."

Who are we & how can we help?


Allearclinic consists of specialised nurses who are trained to examine and clean your ears with the help of our ear microscope, specialised instruments as well as our micro-suction equipment. This clinic is lead by our Associate ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) doctor who has been working closely with our ENT Specialist who are trained to diagnose and treat complex ear, nose & throat conditions.

Patients Suitable for our Clinics


ENT related consults - Suitable for all ages of patients who may need further advice and treatment and possibly surgeries to remedy the disease/illness. 

Ear Micro-suction Service - Patients can self refer and do not need a GP referral for this service. This clinic is only suitable for children 3 years old and above and adults. Younger children can access free ear services by a local DHB, but only by a referral from a GP.

Our Services


Using high quality microscope with highly trained staff, we are able to offer your timely earwax microsuction services.

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GP ENT Clinic

GP-led ENT clinic  offering cost-effective ENT consultations prior to seeing a specialist in the public or private sector. 

Services provided include; pre-assessment and fast tracking referrals, removal of foreign bodies, recurrent nose bleeds, ENT second opinions, tympanometry as well as children ENT preassessments for consideration for surgery. We also offer treatment for ear infection, including scripts and ear wick.

Meet Our Clinical Team

Dr Amin Uloom

Dr Amin Uloom is originally from Malaysia and graduated from Auckland Medical School in 2011. He has a background  in multiple surgical specialities with huge passion in Ear Nose and Throat and is also interested in Multiple surgical specialities and Urgent care. He operates an Ear Clinic out of our Pokeno, Karaka and Royal Oak Centres.